have been involved with dogs all my life. I had huge aspirations, as a little girl, of training the best circus performer in the country, but our family Boxer hated the idea of jumping through hoops dressed in a clown outfit! In the seventies, I bought my first “own” dog – an Afghan Hound…. more reminiscent of Frank Muir’s “What a Mess” than the glamorous ethereal beings I watched floating around the promenade. There’s something very special about Sighthounds – a couple of decades later, our Fleetwind Salukis have excelled in the ring and pups bred have been exported around the world. Having finally grown up, I find myself heavily involved in club and council administration, and judging is a fulfilling new role.


An artistic flair was detected early in life and many afternoons were spent scrubbing my beautiful works of art off the walls! Fortunately, during my formative years, I learnt to apply these skills in more beneficial ways and often found myself busy with a new art project for someone. When computers started creeping into homes, the intricacies of digital art became addictively attractive. Dabbling on the Internet is enormously entertaining and managing the highly successful online dog magazine, SHOWDOGS, has become an integral part of daily life.

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Because career options were somewhat more limited in “those days”, I followed a career in teaching, then lecturing, eventually branching into Technical Writing and E-learning. I have a published book and writing articles is another fun thing to do – when there’s time. “The Great Novel” is also lurking in the mist of brainwaves…..

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Nowadays, I find I’m able to bring together all my skills and knowledge into a completely fulfilling new outlet – web and graphic design with a good measure of fine art in between. A good mix of experiences to work on your website, don’t you think?