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A few important considerations:

~ I need your material before I can build a website for you. If you forget to submit material and request for it to be added after the site is finished, this will be considered an update, and you will be billed for it.

~ In the same way that artists, photographers, authors, and even manufacturers sign their original creations, the sites I design carry my signature. Its removal is not negotiable. If you are not happy to allow this signature on your site, you'll need to find someone else to design your site for you.

Once your site has been designed, it needs to be uploaded unto a host server. ShowdogSites is an uncomplicated and very cost-effective solution for breeders who only need a small site and are not keen to search for a reliable web host, deal with the complexities of registration, or face exorbitant monthly web hosting fees for space often not used.

You can host your site in the ShowdogSites library for only R200 per annum, with the first year free if I designed the site.

Most kennel websites do not want or need the expense and bother of their own domain name (eg. fluffydogs[dot]co[dot]za). Your site in the ShowdogSites library will be linked from the main index as well as from your free entry in the SHOWDOGS Breeders' Directory. In addition, embedded tags will direct search engines to your site in the event of someone searching for your kennel by name or breed.

If you already have your own domain name, or would like to register one, we shall configure your name server information to point to its location in the library or we will advise on the selection of a suitable web host.

Your site needs to be regularly updated to keep it relevant. We are in the process of developing a maintenance partnership at very reasonable rates, with several maintenance plans to suit your needs. Please contact SHOWDOGS for more information.

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